Environmental Policies

At Prubka, environmental policy is at the heart of our development. Alongside communicating the importance of environmental issues to our internal team, we are always listening to what you tell us we could do to improve our service.

Currently, our main focus is reducing our reliance on single use plastics, moving towards recycled materials, and favouring suppliers with environmentally friendly waste management practices.

We promote ethical and integral business practices by supporting Fairtrade, organic, recycled yarn products and textiles made from recycled plastics. We look for manufacturers and suppliers that trade with these ethics, and wish to incorporate them into our supply chain. We favour cotton, hemp, linen and other natural products wherever possible. 

In 2021, we hope to begin incorporating PET and recycled yarn into our products. Over time, we wish to transition into carbon neutral textiles, including increasing our emphasis on organic textiles and non-toxic vegetable dyes.