About Us

Prubka is a small, family-run business trading alongside the big market leaders in our industry. We aim to offer high quality soft furnishings. With over 40 years of experience, we have forged contacts with manufacturers both in the UK and all over the world. We work with our  manufacturers closely to ensure that we can secure the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

With aligned partnership and transparent communication, we can achieve new heights of efficiency, productively and collective success.

Focus and enthusiasm drive the success of Prubka. We believe Prubka is a family. Each person has something unique to offer; be that years experience working with market leaders, or fresh ideas and skills. 

The company Prubka Ltd was created and based in the midlands, at the very heart of the UK – we have continued to grow stronger and expand since our founding. We have overcome the many twists 2020 has thrown at us, and are excited to continue to develop and improve!

We are always pushing ourselves to improve and excel, so we can offer the best service we can. Since Prubka’s creation in October 2019, we have worked hard to adapt to the constantly changing world around us. Our team are hard at work making sure Prubka is able to attain the highest standard of business practice we can, whilst making sure we are working in a safe, sustainable environment.

Prubka is looking towards the process of accreditation from ISO 9001 and Investors in People. These two world recognised accolades represent a high standard of business practice; a standard we aspire to implement.

A goal for Prubka is to begin to locally manufacture ranges. We believe this will help us manufacture higher quality goods at competitive prices.

Prubka will take control of product quality and delivery timing, allowing us to instantly update products to meet changing fashions. UK Manufacture will also help Prubka’s ethical standards; we will reduce our carbon emissions by minimising the distances our products travel, and be able to closely oversee the production of our products. This will help us ensure our products are Covid Secure and will also improve the working conditions of our employees.